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Kalaya is an aboriginal word for Emu.


For the past few years, I have envisaged shooting the Milky Way, and specifically the aboriginal “Emu”, rising above Uluru and Kata Tjuta - a blending of iconic ancient aboriginal landscape with ancient skies.  In May 2014 I finally had the opportunity.


The Directors Edition is the footage at normal speed, whilst the David Malin Awards version has sections of footage sped up to meet the two minute time limit on entries.


Tempus Velocitas is a a compilation of astronomy timelapses that I've shot over the past few years.


This compilation represents in the order of 58,000 individual images spanning approximately 240 hours of the night sky all compressed down to 31 minutes.



There is also a shorter Tempus Velocitas Celeritas  originally presented at the South Pacific Star Party 2014.


A Total Solar Eclipse 2012 occurred across Far North Queensland on 14 November 2012, and we managed clear skies to view this amazing event from Maitland Downs.  I can't wait until 2017 when there is a Total Solar Eclipse across the USA.  Everyone must see a TSE.





In May 2013, a Partial Solar Eclipse was visible from New South Wales.  Not in the same league as a Total Solar Eclipse, but still very cool.



Comet Lovejoy from December 2011